Osaka Ceramic Training Center Practical course for foreigners!

Introduction to the Osaka Ceramic Training Center
The Osaka Ceramic Training Center was founded by Shigeo Kataoka in 1983 as a post-graduate educational center for dental technicians to acquire ceramic skills.A lot of time is spent on basic training to acquire skills concerning shade expression, carving to study morphology of natural teeth, and also ceramic build-up and shape modifications.Currently we have schools in Osaka and Miyazaki.We have an all-day course and a weekend course which take 1 year to complete. Furthermore we offer a 4 week course for foreigners at our Osaka school only.All courses include training on reproduction carving of a natural tooth model. We try to understand the morphology of natural teeth, we practice on how to express the surface properties of the different teeth, and we try to master proper shape which matches periodontal tissue.Our training on ceramic techniques consists of restoration of the shape starting with model fabrication to wax up. By using metals, e.max and zirconia, we proceed by checking in detail the process of ceramic build up and shape modifications.
We offer a workshop at our Osaka center for those coming from abroad about tooth morphology and about expression of shades using ceramics.
By practicing with plaster tooth carving, our main goal is to learn about dental morphology. This training will be done by Mr. Kataoka and other staff from the training center.
Workshop content:
Hands on plaster carving (daily).
Week 1: Maxillary central incisor morphology and shade expression
Week 2: Maxillary central incisor morphological reproduction, and shade expression using IPS e.max Press.
Week 3: Learn about the morphological change of a 3-unit zirconia based maxillary bridge (central incisor, lateral incisor, canine).
Week 4: Morphological reproduction of anterior and molar teeth, and shade expression using staining technique by using IPS e.max Press.
Please let us know which weeks (from week one to four) you wish to do.
Maximum number of participants:
We accept 1 to 5 participants for each workshop.
It is possible to apply with groups.
We close applications once 5 participants have applied.
Osaka Ceramic Training Center
Daiei Bld. 5F, 1-10-17 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka, Japan
Language used:
Simple English or Japanese
Applications should be made at least 2 months before the month you wish to participate. In order to reserve you need to inform us about your first and second choice month. After your application, our center will inform you which month is available to participate in the course.
For reservations and further details, please contact us at the following email address:
Best regards,

Office manager Tetsuya Shoji